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Terrapin Ridge Delivers Wholesale Solutions Prior to Holiday Season; Clare O'Donnell Comments

Terrapin Ridge Delivers Wholesale Solutions Prior to Holiday Season; Clare O'Donnell Comments

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Back in September of this year, we reported on Terrapin Ridge Farms’ introduction of Holiday Giftsets. The launch marked the company’s ability to meet consumer demand head-on. I followed up with Clare O’Donnell, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, to see how Terrapin Ridge’s current inventory gift stock helps wholesale buyers as we enter the holiday season.

Clare O’Donnell, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Terrapin Ridge“We really took into consideration the current supply chain delays and other potential issues and stocked up on all of our product and our gift packaging,” Clare told me. “We are taking orders and turning around and shipping it right away, with little to no delays for our wholesale customers. If they have a Holiday Open House, for example, and sell out of Holiday Gift Sets, they can call us on Monday confidently and place a re-order to have for the next weekend. We want the wholesale buyers we work with to be confident they can get product from us and get it fast.”

The gift sets are most likely to stand out this season due to Terrapin Ridge’s attention to today’s trends, such as cooking at home and charcuterie.

“Charcuterie boards are especially popular over the holidays, and our Charcuterie Lover gift set is great to give to the party hostess to use right at the party or to give to a meat and cheese lover,” Clare noted. “Add a bottle of wine and a gourmet cheese, and the gift is done! Our 4 Pack All You Can Squeeze Caddy packaging is unique and original, with a handle on the top for easy carrying. It carries our top four Squeeze Garnishing Sauces, making it a great gift for the novice chef or any sauce lover! The Grab N’ Go giftset is an easy add-on gift and is suitable for anyone on your list.”

Terrapin Ridge Farms is aiding its wholesale buyers this holiday season with its festive stock of Holiday Gift Sets

Retail pricing across the gift set line is as follows:

  • Grab N’ Go gift sets - $14.95
  • You Can Squeeze 4 Pack Caddy Gift Set - $29.00
  • Squeeze Lover Stocking Stuffer Gift Set - $14.95
  • 2 Pack Charcuterie Lover Gift Set - $16.95
  • Gourmet Stocking Stuffer 3 Pack Mini - $14.95

For the company’s wholesale customers, Clare doled out some merchandising advice.

“We have holiday display signs with recipe card flyers that give customers ideas on what to do with the products in the gift sets. We suggest displaying the gift sets all together. Displaying near the checkout, especially our Grab N’ Go and our 3 piece mini set, is great for quick, add-on sales,” Clare concluded.

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