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United Natural Foods, Inc. Helps Brands Scale and Grow Their Business; John Raiche Comments

United Natural Foods, Inc. Helps Brands Scale and Grow Their Business; John Raiche Comments

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

Talia Di Napoli, Evive, and Once Upon a Farm are all examples of brands that have been elevated by the vast distribution network of United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI). The scale of its footprint allows the company to elevate growing brands on a national scale.

John Raiche, Executive Vice President, Supplier Services, United Natural Foods, Inc.“UNFI works with some of the most dynamic and innovative local, regional, and national grocers in North America, which presents a tremendous brand positioning opportunity,” said John Raiche, Executive Vice President, Supplier Services. “Emerging brands can take advantage of UNFI’s account managers and sales team who have built long-term relationships with our customers, bringing them tailored programs, solutions, and enhanced value-added insights to strengthen suppliers’ marketing and merchandising efforts.”

UNFI relies on 56 distribution centers, representing over 30 million square feet of space. This supply chain network presents an opportunity to market to a variety of new retail customers and accelerate speed to new markets. The company offers several options, including its UpNext program, which is tailored to emerging brands.

United Natural Foods, Inc. is leveraging the scale of its network to help emerging brands expand through its diverse customer base

Talia Di Napoli attended its first UNFI selling show in February 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The brand has since been introduced to hundreds of UNFI independent retailers.

Evive turned to UNFI’s UpNext program to gain resources, insights, and hands-on relationships. Evive now has products in 13 UNFI distribution centers across the company’s four regions, according to a press release.

Once Upon a Farm also found an opportunity for expansion by aging up the brand and creating delicious products for older children. While this gave the brand additional sales channels, it also meant developing relationships with retail buyers in multiple departments.

More information on UNFI’s investment in emerging brands can be found here.

As more brands gain ground with the help of UNFI, Deli Market News will keep you in the loop.

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