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Upfield Launches Its New Flora™ Brand Plant-Based Butter

Upfield Launches Its New Flora™ Brand Plant-Based Butter

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

As more and more consumers make the transition to plant-based products, companies like Upfield are making a splash with new options. The latest from Upfield is the creation of its new plant-based butter brand, Flora™. The plant butter touts a rich, creamy flavor that mimics the texture of regular butter, and will serve as a perfect substitute when baking and cooking, which means happy customers and retailers.

"Flora is a culinary-inspired premium brand that brings a rich heritage of chef experience from markets around the world, and it is a thrill to bring this new brand to American consumers," said Bernice Chao, Brand Lead. "We are a product loved by chefs that can be used by home cooks and bakers who are looking to put a twist on traditional recipes with a dairy-free and great tasting ingredient."

As if being plant-based wasn’t already good enough, Flora is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. According to a press release, the butter look-alike is made from responsibly sourced palm, sunflower, and canola oils, which gives it the delicious creamy texture that sets Flora apart.

Because of the ingredients used and the texture of the plant-based butter, Flora can be used in a 1:1 replacement for regular butter when cooking and baking. Gone are the days of having to do complicated math just to substitute ingredients.

Flora™, the new plant-based butter from Upfield touts the taste and texture of traditional butter, offering a perfect substitute

"We are deeply passionate about creating new foods that will change our world because they are better for you and better for our planet," continued Chao. "With Flora Plant Butter we have done just that. First, as a plant butter that is a vegan and non-dairy product that offers a suitable option to help consumers meet their dietary or lifestyle needs. Second, as an environmentally conscious brand that is leading the way with 100 percent plastic-free paper packaging."

Eliminating plastic packaging, Flora is displayed in Forest Stewardship Council certified parchment paper, making the butter product more environmentally friendly as well.

The new Flora plant-based butter will be sold for $3.49 per 8 ounce block, and is already available at select Kroger stores.

If Flora sounds like the perfect product for your shelves, be sure to stock up and wow customers who have been searching for a new plant-based replacement for all of their butter needs.

Keep checking back with Deli Market News for all of the latest product innovations, and where the future of plant-based products is heading.