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US Foods Introduces New Grill-Friendly Spring Scoop Items

US Foods Introduces New Grill-Friendly Spring Scoop Items

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

The season of grilling is almost upon us, and US Foods is playing a major role in helping restaurants and foodservice providers prepare for the shape it expects consumer demand to take this summer. This week, the foodservice distributor unveiled its latest Spring Scoop™ product collection—a collection in which the distributor is anticipating a bar- and grill-forward frenzy at foodservice.

Stacey Kinkaid, Vice President, Product Development and Innovation, US Foods“With Spring Scoop, we’re making it easy for bar-and-grill operators to update their menu with new twists to their tried-and-true offerings that will appeal to both loyal and new customers,” said Stacey Kinkaid, Vice President, Product Development and Innovation. “We’re also supporting operators with the right tools to help front-of-house staff sell new menu items and deliver the highest-quality experience every day.”

US Foods is unveiling its latest Spring Scoop™ product collection—a collection in which the distributor is anticipating a bar- and grill-forward frenzy at foodservice

According to a press release, a couple of product highlights from the 25th edition of Scoop include the following upsell-worth bar-and-grill and plant-forward innovations, like:

  • Molly’s Kitchen® Plant-Based Burger Patty: This vegan, plant-based burger is the perfect menu option for diners with flexible diets looking to reduce how much meat they eat. It is made with a blend of peas, fava beans, and wheat, instead of soy. The 4-ounce patty delivers 23 grams of protein, with a size and weight similar to typical beef burgers. With plant-based burger offerings growing more than 300 percent on U.S. restaurant menus in the last year, offering meatless alternatives is not only a tasty addition to the menu, but also a sound business move.
  • Chef’s Line® All Natural Seasoned Prime Rib Steak Burger: With six ounces of whole muscle prime rib, this burger brings an elevated burger experience regulars will consider their new favorite. Top it with Monarch® Sliced Pickled Red Onion for an extra kick and serve it with a side of Monarch® Rosemary Seasoned Fries for the ultimate burger and fries combo.
  • Hilltop Hearth® Premium Pimento Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Knot: To create this crave-worthy appetizer, the pretzel dough is hand-twisted into a knot and filled with creamy pimento cheese, which combines cream cheese, pimento peppers, and cheddar cheese. It can be served with signature dips or used as a slider bun for a sandwich.
  • Devonshire® Bomboloni: Produced in Italy and pan-fried, these fluffy doughnuts can be used in a variety of applications such as sweet, savory, or filled. Pipe in jam or cream, and dust with powdered sugar, or split and use it as a bun for a burger, topped with Metro Deli® Uncured Bacon Jam.
  • Chef’s Line® All Natural Pulled Uncured Bacon: Made from Applewood-smoked pork belly, this savory product offers diners an all-new bacon eating experience. It can easily be substituted wherever traditional bacon is used or show up in unexpected places, such as a delicious topping on a pizza made with Chef’s Line® Gluten Free Italian Pizza Crust.

Among the twists US Foods is introducing in its latest Scoop launch are the bolder flavors, new menu experiences, and flexible dietary substitutions that today’s modern diners are looking for on menus. This also includes items that elevate the classics with on-trend ingredients—a strategy US Foods is employing to help its partners stay competitive in the foodservice market.

“Casual dining growth, including bar-and-grill, has not kept up with the competition of fast casual or fine dining so it’s more important than ever for neighborhood bar-and-grill operators to take a fresh look at their menu,” continued Kinkaid.

For more information about the 2020 Spring Scoop and how US Foods is helping the foodservice sector stay on-trend, click here. Deli Market News will continue to bring you the latest from across the supply chain.

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