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Veroni Launches a Brand-New Snack Line; Emanuela Bigi and Lorenzo Ferrara Comment

Veroni Launches a Brand-New Snack Line; Emanuela Bigi and Lorenzo Ferrara Comment

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Now, more than ever, I appreciate the ability to travel through what is on my plate, and Veroni is right there to meet me (and any other consumer that might feel the same way) with flavors to match this wanderlust. The meat provider is launching a new line with four pairing options and all the convenience American consumers could desire.

Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, Veroni“Satisfying the taste of everyone is always a priority when we design a new line,” said Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager. “Today, we are still the only imported Italian brand of charcuterie in the U.S. that, besides offering high-quality products, wishes to introduce to U.S. consumers the Italian tradition and the key concepts that are popular in Italy, like the Aperitivo and the snack time.”

After the successful launch of the Enjoy Aperitime cheese and charcuterie trays that enrich the Italian Aperitivo experience, the latest extension of the brand’s product offerings aims to be the perfect snack to quench cravings, according to a press release.

This new reveal combines a selection of authentic Italian salami with provolone cheese, dried fruit, and breadsticks in easy-to-open packaging. Options include:

  • Imported Italian mild salami, provolone, and breadsticks
  • Imported salami Calabrese, provolone, and breadsticks
  • Imported Italian salami, provolone, and dried cranberries
  • Imported Italian salami, provolone, and dried apricots

Two of Veroni’s four new product offerings are perfect for mild palates to reach any consumer

“Our R&D team has developed a product that can improve the health of the brain by boosting it with the right ingredients without sacrificing taste,” added R&D Manager Lorenzo Ferrara, hitting on Veroni’s intention to target consumers who want a delicious, healthy snack when time is short.

The new line is versatile in flavor offerings, making it a great choice for any consumer. The snack line, Veroni pointed out, opens the door to a new tasty Italian experience while keeping it healthy and wholesome.

In addition to mild options, two of Veroni‘s new additions offer some kick for the more adventurous consumers

I will certainly be on the lookout, as will anyone with a hankering for an authentic Italian experience, guilt and travel-time free!