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Walmart Discusses Long-Term Plans for Spark Driver Program; Nav Chadha Shares

Walmart Discusses Long-Term Plans for Spark Driver Program; Nav Chadha Shares

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

Today’s shoppers are still holding grocery delivery and online shopping as a necessity in their day-to-day lives. Walmart is well aware of this shopping habit as it revealed in its latest report strong top-line growth. The company’s Vice President of Walmart’s Spark Driver Platform Nav Chadha recently commented on this growth, outlining the success and prospective future of grocery delivery.

Nav Chadha, Vice President, Walmart Spark Driver Platform“We now have thousands of independent contractors who choose to drive on the Spark Driver platform, making it the largest delivery provider for Walmart,” wrote Nav in a blog post. “Today, nearly three-quarters of delivery orders have been fulfilled by drivers on the Spark Driver platform—reaching 84 percent of U.S. households.”

Nav further noted deliveries from Walmart stores make up a large portion of this growth in addition to fulfilling orders for Walmart GoLocal, the retailer’s white label, delivery-as-a-service business. The Spark Driver platform also enables the retailer to serve Walmart GoLocal clients—from large enterprises to small- and medium-sized businesses—and help them reach their customers with fast, reliable, and affordable delivery.

Walmart’s Spark Driver Platform is seeing a successful run as the platform has reached 84 percent of U.S. households with more opportunities for growth in the future

“We’ll continue to grow the Spark Driver platform and work with our valued delivery service providers to ensure we’re bringing the best possible experience to our customers and getting them what they need when they need it,” continued Nav. “And with the holidays approaching, we’re excited to add even more opportunities for drivers to earn.”

Nav Chadha’s post can be found here for more information.

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