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Whole Foods Market Names Specialty Supplier Award Winners

Whole Foods Market Names Specialty Supplier Award Winners

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

In a bid to put its suppliers in the spotlight, Whole Foods Market recently announced the winners of its ninth annual Supplier Awards. The suppliers were celebrated for outstanding innovation, environmental stewardship, commitment to regenerative agriculture, and more. This year, Whole Foods recognized 42 local, regional, and national suppliers for the work and commitment they have exhibited in 2020.

Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Whole Foods Market“It is Whole Foods Market’s honor to celebrate our suppliers who have demonstrated fantastic cooperation, resilience, creativity, and commitment to quality, rising to excellence in a year unlike any other,” said Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Whole Foods Market. “This year, we are proud to add the Regenerative Agriculture Commitment award to congratulate suppliers that are making strides to improve farming practices.”

Award recipients span all product categories and were selected by Whole Foods Market leaders, category experts, and buyers who work closely with suppliers every day.

According to the release, the Supplier of the Year award was given to Whole Foods Market suppliers that rose to the top in overall excellence. This year, the global winners were Kvaroy Arctic (Perishables Supplier of the Year), FOODMatch (Culinary Supplier of the Year), and Solely (Center Store Supplier of the Year). Regional winners are:

  • Rainforest Distribution (Mid-Atlantic)
  • NAPI (Navajo Agricultural Products Industry)/Navajo Pride Organics (Rocky Mountain)
  • Nana Joes Granola (Northern California)
  • Adams Ranch (Florida)
  • Iggy’s Bread of the World (North Atlantic)
  • Mill-King Market & Creamery (Southwest)
  • Sacred Serve (Midwest)
  • Big Spoon Roasters (South)
  • Island Spring Organics (Pacific Northwest)
  • IWON Organics (Southern Pacific)
  • Bread Alone Bakery (Northeast)
  • The Gluten Free Bakery (United Kingdom)

Whole Foods Market recently recognized 42 local, regional, and national suppliers in its ninth annual Supplier Awards

Special recognition was given to Great Range Bison, Pastry Star, Kettle Cuisine, and Agritalia. Rookie of the Year was presented to new global suppliers who provide products to three or more Whole Foods Market regions with strong overall performance and execution. The global winners this year included Milk Bar and Yonges Island Fish Company.

Quality and Innovation was given to suppliers that took an actionable part in moving the industry forward. This year’s recipients were recognized with Raising the Bar for Quality awards and included LaBelle Patrimoine Heritage Chickens, Alaska Glacier Seafoods, and New Yorker Bagels.

Primal Kitchen was awarded the Outstanding Innovation award while Rao’s, Applegate Farms, and Emmi Roth received the Supply Chain Support award.

Purpose and Core Values was another segment of the retailer’s recognition, with GoMacro receiving the Environmental Stewardship award for having established environmentally conscious business methods and models, such as reducing carbon footprint and incorporating eco-friendly packaging.

Tony’s Chocolonely was among the brands that aligned with Whole Foods Market’s core value to care for its communities and received the Purpose Driven Empowerment recognition.

Atkins Ranch and Alexandre Family Farms were awarded the Regenerative Agriculture Commitment award for their commitments to holistic farming and grazing management practices that improve soil, enhance biodiversity, and increase carbon capture.

To see the full list of suppliers, click here.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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