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Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association Launches Health & Safety Group; Rebekah Sweeney Discusses

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association Launches Health & Safety Group; Rebekah Sweeney Discusses

Friday, July 29th, 2022

Not all heroes wear capes. I would argue that some of the heroes in our industry are those that maintain a high commitment to the wellness of their employees. Providing valuable resources to help its members protect their workforce, the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) has announced the launch of a Health & Safety Group.

Rebekah Sweeney, Senior Director of Programs and Policy, Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association“Employee safety is paramount to productive dairy processing operations,” said Senior Director of Programs and Policy Rebekah Sweeney. “The new WCMA Health & Safety Group brings together industry experts and regulators to share their knowledge of standards, strategies, and resources to maintain and improve safe work environments.”

The group’s first meeting is set for Wednesday, August 3. During the meeting, the association will discuss the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) recently announced Local Emphasis Program (LEP), focused on food manufacturers’ safety practices. As explained in a press release, LEP inspections and enforcement actions began in Wisconsin on July 19, but OSHA officials have noted their plan to expand its scope to Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio in October 2022.

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association recently launched its Health & Safety Group to maintain and improve safe work environments

In the future, the WCMA Health & Safety Group will address a wide range of issues related to worker safety, guided by member feedback. The meetings will include a platform for discussion, insights from respected industry experts, and opportunities to share ideas with their peers.

The organization is offering two ways to participate in the group’s first meeting. Industry members can attend in-person in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, or online via Zoom. The meeting will conclude with a panel on best practices from industry health and safety experts.

To register, click here.

Cheers to WCMA for this pivotal effort to support dairy producers and their workforce.

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