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Whisps Taps Into Post-Game Snacking Remorse with Latest Commercial

Whisps Taps Into Post-Game Snacking Remorse with Latest Commercial

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Has the era of guilty snacking finally died? Whisps certainly thinks so. Releasing its “A Fishy Situation” commercial, the maker of 100 percent real cheese crisps invites snackers across the globe to share what they’ll have time to feel guilty about—given that Whisps has given them a guilt-free snacking solution.

In the clip, a Whisps fan shares her guilty secret—the truth about the goldfish. Not sure exactly what I’m talking about? Watch the video above to find out what her guilty secret really is.

Jim Low, EVP, Sales & Marketing, Schuman Cheese"This clip is just the start of a media blitz," said Jim Low, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Schuman Cheese, makers of Whisps. "We'll be taking our message of guilt-free snacking across the Internet and inviting our fans to share their own moments. After all, people should be able to enjoy their snacks without feeling bad or confused by the ingredients—that's the problem with so many traditional snacks, and we're proud Whisps can help!"

Whisps are baked to perfection and have only one carb per serving, according to a press release. Made with the highest-quality Cello brand cheese, Whisps are free of artificial ingredients, and available online and at grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and club stores nationwide. You too can start snacking guilt-free!

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