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Yerecic Label Launches  SafetyReseal  Labels

Yerecic Label Launches "SafetyReseal" Labels


Yerecic Label is launching its new “SafetyReseal” labels, designed to implement tamper-evident and reseal features to bakery packaging.

Fully customizable for retailers or food manufacturers, the SafetyReseal label makes it obvious if a package seal has been broken. The label also allows the package to be opened, closed, and resealed repeatedly with the upper portion of the label, according to a press release.

Art Yerecic, President, Yerecic Label“We have been working hard to perfect this innovative product; we are very excited to bring this new solution to market,” said Art Yerecic, President. “We always strive to find new solutions that will resonate with our customers and their fresh perimeter shoppers.”

Yerecic Label is also offering a version of this label that does not include the tamper-evident tabs for use where resealable features only are preferred.

Rich Thoma, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Yerecic Label“We have been anxiously awaiting the patent pending status in order to launch,” said Rich Thoma, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We look forward to seeing shoppers respond to the new packaging once it’s in stores.”

In a press release, the company states that the cost of the SafetyReseal will be competitive with labels currently being used. This, according to the company, makes a switch to the more functional SafetyReseal label easy and without much additional investment.

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