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Yes, Oreo Churros Are Now a Real Thing That You Can Eat

Yes, Oreo Churros Are Now a Real Thing That You Can Eat

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

In what can only be described as a gift from the almighty snacking gods, you can now really purchase and consume a product called OREO Churros. Imagine a crispy, chocolate-oreo flavored churro shell, add the classic creme filling in the center, and voila: a marriage made in snacking heaven.

Gerry Shreiber, CEO & President, J&J Snack Foods"With five different varieties of filled and non-filled OREO Churros available, we feel confident the portfolio now fits into any snacking occasion – whether around the table, in the car, at a movie theatre, on the sidelines of a sporting event or wherever else our consumers enjoy time with family and friends,” said Gerry Shreiber, CEO & President of J&J Snack Foods, creator of the new product.

OREO Churros

Following the release of the non-filled OREO Churros last November, this new line includes 10" Creme Filled OREO Churros and OREO Churros Creme Filled Bites, both made from real OREO Cookie pieces with creme filling inside. These will be sold nationwide in the foodservice channel and the bites will be available for purchase at retail stores nationwide in the frozen dessert section.

The line also includes an OREO Cookie Crumb/Sugar Topping in which all OREO Churros can be rolled, as well as the original OREO Churros with OREO creme dip cups in Traditional Churros, Double-Twisted, and Bites varieties.

If you’re going to join the bandwagon and pick up these snack hybrids at a store near you, email PR@DeliMarketNews.com and tell us what you think!

J&J Snack Foods

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