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Zachary Pass of Laura Chenel's and Marin French Talks New Dark Moon & Jalapeño Brie and Pimento Logs

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

When you’re used to being part of two of the country’s longest-standing and producing cheese companies, it can’t be easy to keep churning out innovative and delicious products. Miraculously, it seems like Laura Chenel's and Marin French have never had too much of an issue. I spoke with National Sales Manager for the sister companies, Zachary Pass, about a few of the companies’ newest product innovations at this year’s IDDBA convention in Houston, TX.

Under the Laura Chenel's brand, Zachary introduced me to a new spicy Pimento & Garlic cheese log, which blends its signature goat cheese with garlic, sun-dried tomato, and pimento pepper flavors.

Zachary Pass, National Sales Manager, Laura Chenel & Marin French“Laura Chenel's, has basically been the innovator of fresh chevre in this country,” Zachary explains to me as we discuss the new log. “Before Laura was making cheese, it was all imported. So it’s been nice to us grow over the years and still kind of be considered the innovator.”

Under Marin French, the company is pushing its Jalapeño and award-winning Dark Moon Petitie Bries. Both are 4-ounce triple-cream wheels of brie, with the latter recently winning at the California State fair and coming in as a finalist at the Sofi Awards.

“Marin French is the oldest continuously running cheese factory in the country,” Zachary continues. “This year, we’re at our 151st year, and it's just been nice to see that we’ve been able to keep up with the growing trends.”

Want to see the new product additions for yourself? Watch my full interview with Zachary above!

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Weeknights deserve quality Italian cheese. 100 year AnniversarioFratelli Beretta - Over 200 Years of Bringing Families Together - For Passion - For Quality

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